Change is Gonna Come

Finally (FINALLY) we are making progress. It isn’t a lie when people tell you it’ll get worse before it gets better, but now the plumber, electrician and plasterer are in and underway, it does feel like the end is in sight.

I’ve made some rough changes to the floorplan to give an idea of the small structural changes we are making at this stage (bigger plans afoot when we’ve earned some more money).

Floorplan Update.jpg

In red are doors we’ve blocked up and in green where we have moved doors to or knocked through. Not much has changed, but we’ve created our ensuite, moved the downstairs WC door out of the kitchen and made an opening between the Sitting Room and Family Room.

The knock-through downstairs has made such a difference to the light in both rooms. Definitely one of the better decisions we have made and would recommend it. Numerous, smaller rooms are traditional but just don’t suit modern life and tend to make a house dark.


Hi Mum


The view from the Lounge


Looking towards the front of the house

I’m not allowed to write this post without including the work Greg is most proud of (and spent about four days doing whilst I fought with wallpaper, I’m not bitter). The door to what was bedroom 5 has now been blocked up and a new one made in our bedroom to create an en suite bathroom.


En suite from the inside

An interesting challenge when renovating a house of this age is dealing with lath and plaster walls and ceilings. Greg found out the hard way that the door you try and cut in a lath and plaster wall will inevitably end up larger than intended. We think he has salvaged it but will let you know when we try and hang the door.


Greg’s new door (I’m assured it’ll be fine when covered by plaster)

One thing we didn’t think about when moving the door was how dark it would make the landing. We will of course (hopefully) have electricity again by the time we move in so can light this area, but we may have to try and borrow some light from another room at some stage down the line. Not a major concern really, as gaining a bathroom was more important.


When we moved in, the kitchen was encroached upon by what was essentially an entrance hall to the downstairs toilet/shower room. We’ve now taken that wall out and moved the door to the loo into the “Middle Room”.



Notice our unorthodox kitchen planning method – Sharpie straight onto the wall



Another beautifully coloured suite down here


The plastering started a week or so ago and should be done, as much as possible before the windows are in, by the end of this week (so, next week – I’m learning). As soon as it is dry, the electrician and plumber will be back to second fix and we can start to paint!

We’re getting there!



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