Five Favourites | #1 | Interior Retailers


I’ve been blogging about our renovation progress so far, but with the plasterer now in there isn’t too much to say on that until next week. So, I’ve been getting ahead of myself creating mood boards and ordering furniture to adorn our freshly plastered rooms.

I’m getting in so much trouble for buying things we (apparently) don’t need yet, that I thought I could at least put it to good use and write a blog post about my five favourite places to shop all things for the home right now.

In fact, I’ve decided to make Five Favourites a regular feature. I’ll be blogging monthly about my Five Favourite things across a range of topics in the hope that someone will find it interesting (no? Okay).

Anyway, this month’s Five are below and in no particular order…

Screenshot 2016-09-24 21.22.28.png

ONE | Rockett St George

My go-to place for beautifully unique furniture, lighting and home decor accessories, I’m unhealthily obsessed with Rockett St George, right down to their oven gloves. Not only do they stock a raft of thoughtfully curated pieces, but I love the story of how friends Jane Rockett and Lucy St George have grown Rockett St George from kitchen table business idea to the thriving hub of quirky and eclectic interiors it is today.


TWO | Anthropologie

Although not an out-and-out home decor/interior retailer, Anthropologie are nailing it for me at the moment. Now, I don’t necessarily see every product in my home, but I love most of their range regardless and find it nigh on impossible to leave without having spent some money. It is so easy to spend hours in their stores and I love lurking in the hardware section riffling through all the handles and hooks thinking about rejuvenating various items of furniture sat in the loft at my parents’ house.

One of my favourites for the product range and overall shopping experience combo (HOW good do their shops smell?!).


THREE | Graham & Green

Graham & Green have some real gems at the moment and I’ve particularly fallen for their range of lighting (like this beauty). I’m also trying to work this gorgeous chair into our house somewhere; it really plays to my love of Africa with the batik-inspired back cover and bold colours. African print in an Edwardian terrace works, right? Right?!


FOUR | Swoon Editions

I first came across Swoon Editions on a tube advert when I had obviously grown bored of judging the shoes of the people sat opposite me (Timberlands in Summer; really?).

Anyway, ever since then I’ve been a bit of an addict and a serial browser. Until now, I haven’t had an excuse to buy but Swoon items keep crawling onto my shopping list for the new house!

I mean, look at this armchair.

Point made.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 21.44.40.png

FIVE | HomeSense

Number five is a bit of a left field entry to the list. HomeSense are essentially the TK Maxx of home décor and don’t have an online store. You do have to go in with an open mind AND get lucky, but there are some great bargains to be had a lot of the time. Like any discount store, you need to be able to see through the clutter and look past the surroundings, but if you can do that then you’re onto a winner.

To be honest, my passion for HomeSense stems from my love of shocking people when they find out the bargain price of my beautiful ottoman and brass floor lamp.



Picking a top 5 hasn’t been easy and to stop myself feeling horribly disloyal (yes, I see these retailers as friends) I couldn’t end this post without giving honourable mentions to Rose & Grey (who were a close 6th), Maisons du Monde, Oliver Bonas, and Loaf.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on my list, and any tips for retailers I may have missed out. I’m always looking for new inspiration and places to shop, much to Greg’s dismay!

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