Five Favourites | #2 | Interior Design Trends


There’s been a bit of a delay since my last post, sorry for that! Our progress has slowed as nothing else could really be done whilst the walls were being plastered and then drying out, but over the next few days I’ll be blogging about what has happened in the past few weeks. Since the plastering has finished we’ve been doing some painting and working on our en suite, so keep an eye out for up-to-date photos.

In the meantime, I thought now was as good a time as any for this month’s Five Favourites feature on the interior design trends that are pleasing my eyes the most at the moment. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or if you think I’ve left any off that you’re particularly keen on at the moment; always looking for inspiration! 

Screenshot 2016-10-16 22.57.59.png


Copper has been everywhere for the last few years and I do like it, but recently I’ve noticed a shift to warmer brass tones, which I LOVE. This trend has particularly captured my heart when paired with marble (we’ll talk more about marble later!).

Mixing metals is “in” at the moment and being lauded for the freedom it suddenly affords to combine gold and silver, but I have to say I’m not loving it. Maybe I’ll scour Pinterest for a few more hours (more than 24?) to see if I’m just uninformed.

Screenshot 2016-10-16 23.05.41.png


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you can go wrong with a white or light/mid grey wall or furnishings, after all we have been living in a Scandi-inspired world for a while now, but I am really enjoying the dark walls trend sweeping homes across my Instagram feed.

I particularly love the idea of going dark below the picture rail and keeping above and the ceiling white. Now I just need to pluck up the courage to go for it myself (and persuade Greg)!

Screenshot 2016-10-16 23.07.11.png


Marble is clearly not a new trend and is a totally classic material, but it does seem to have made a strong resurgence and is popping up around the house. We’ve just put a marble-topped vanity unit into our en suite and it really adds a decadent traditional feel.

As I mentioned earlier when talking about my love of brass, I love the two paired together and this coffee table, obviously from Rockett St George, sits firmly on my wish list for when we have the budget (we may have just booked a 10 day safari & beach holiday instead of spending on the house, sorry not sorry).

Screenshot 2016-10-16 23.09.27.png


When looking for interior design inspiration, I’ve noticed a huge increase in eclectic, bold interiors in just the year since I was last looking for inspiration when trying to make our rented flat feel like home. Gone (long gone) are the days of the three-piece suite as we welcome in eclectic furniture combos. Clearly this doesn’t just apply in the living room, take a look at Rockett St George to see what I mean; an abundance of beautiful and unique pieces.

I feel like we’re now flowing upstream, against the Scandinavian influenced cool wood and grey we’ve seen everywhere for the last few years. Bold colours, luxurious materials (marble, yay) and metallic finishes; right up my street!

Screenshot 2016-10-16 23.11.26.png


Patterned or geometric tiles make the list, mainly because Greg hates them and has vetoed them throughout the house (boo!) which has, naturally, increased my love for them. BUT we are going to tile up to the front door outside (hooray!) eventually.

Owning a period house my appreciation for patterned tiles has grown, although I have to admit I have long held an irrational love of all things geometric; my Uni room was like a kaleidoscope. An error in hindsight and with a few more years under my belt. If I had that many shapes sprawled across my room when hungover now, I think I’d shuffle off this mortal coil.

Screenshot 2016-10-16 23.47.43.png

As a lover of all things interior design, I think this month’s list of near misses could go on longer than the actual feature so I think I’ll leave it there.

Except for colour blocking, I love you and I’m sorry.

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