Five Favourites | #4 | Living in a Renovation – Take Two


So, once again, I have left it months between this and my last post. “New Year, New Me” and all that garb…not so much.

I’ll start with an apology… The blog got lost somewhere in the rush of moving house and starting a new job at the back end of 2016. We were also on holiday for most of December instead of using the money for flooring downstairs (#sorrynotsorry, but don’t worry because karma is a bitch – I keep ripping my socks on the nails in our withered rotten floorboards).

In November last year, I was at breaking point with the house. We were living in our bedroom which was also doubling as a kitchen, lounge, office and utility room, we had no heating and zero money (I mean zero, like actually minus). It was at this point I wrote my last Five Favourites feature; a tongue in cheek look at the lows and lows of living in a renovation project.

Since that point, things have improved. We have a lounge with actual real life sofas and a kitchen with working cooking appliances and sink. Luxury. Most of this stuff is temporary until we recoup some money, but it has made life so much rosier.

And so here, just sneaking into January, is this month’s Five Favourites feature. Living in a Renovation – Take Two; a more positive take on the joys of living in a renovation and renovating in general.

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Five Favourites | #3 | Living in a Renovation


We moved in just over three weeks ago (bloody hell, is that all?!) so I thought this month’s Five Favourites should be based around the trials and tribulations that have made those three weeks feel more like three years.

I mean, I knew living in a renovation wouldn’t be easy but felt like we were ready for whatever it threw at us. Turns out I need to reassess. Perhaps if you’re not incredibly poor it’s less of a challenge, but then you wouldn’t be living in a renovation because you can afford luxuries like bathroom doors and curtains that aren’t removal boxes.

And we know it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Anyway, these are my Five Favourite (FYI sarcasm, just in case) things about living in a renovation. Continue reading

Five Favourites | #2 | Interior Design Trends


There’s been a bit of a delay since my last post, sorry for that! Our progress has slowed as nothing else could really be done whilst the walls were being plastered and then drying out, but over the next few days I’ll be blogging about what has happened in the past few weeks. Since the plastering has finished we’ve been doing some painting and working on our en suite, so keep an eye out for up-to-date photos.

In the meantime, I thought now was as good a time as any for this month’s Five Favourites feature on the interior design trends that are pleasing my eyes the most at the moment. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or if you think I’ve left any off that you’re particularly keen on at the moment; always looking for inspiration!  Continue reading

Five Favourites | #1 | Interior Retailers


I’ve been blogging about our renovation progress so far, but with the plasterer now in there isn’t too much to say on that until next week. So, I’ve been getting ahead of myself creating mood boards and ordering furniture to adorn our freshly plastered rooms.

I’m getting in so much trouble for buying things we (apparently) don’t need yet, that I thought I could at least put it to good use and write a blog post about my five favourite places to shop all things for the home right now.

In fact, I’ve decided to make Five Favourites a regular feature. I’ll be blogging monthly about my Five Favourite things across a range of topics in the hope that someone will find it interesting (no? Okay).

Anyway, this month’s Five are below and in no particular order…

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