Oh, we actually own this.

I can tell you now, when you buy a fixer-upper you WILL have that moment when the champagne has been sipped and you’ve taken ironic photos in front of the painted (flaking) front door when your thoughts range from “where the hell do we start?!” to “what the hell have we done?!”.

I had visions of our first evening being spent sat on the floor in our lounge-to-be eating a takeaway on a picnic blanket under candlelight. In truth, we scraped off the wallpaper in two rooms and started prizing (smashing) out the hideous brick fireplace, that had so thoughtfully replaced an original Edwardian masterpiece, before returning to my parents’ house to sleep not very well on our respective single mattresses. On the floor.

Still, after a few weeks the excitement is back and we’ve decided to start a blog to follow the story of what happened next.

We hope you enjoy it, because we probably won’t!


Everyone has gone, the champagne is empty and we’re left to rip out this monstrosity.